september 2008

Kittens and envirement

It is funny with kittens. In a litter It can be born 4 kittens with a strong temper and one nervous kitten. They are all in the same envirement and one of them does not handle It at all. What can b...

HCM. Why do you test?

I wonder about one thing. Do all breeders know what HCM is? Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common form of heart disease in the cat. In many breeds it is an inherited disease. However, it ...

Cats and health

Everyone says that we should be open about our cats health. I wonder why. It is nice to be open about things as long as no one uses this information in a bad way. Breeders speak so much bad about e...

About the type

It is interesting to see the developing of the Siberian cat. 5 years ago we had very different cats. Now in 2008 we can see that some breeders have done a great job in developing some ofthe li...


Veldig spennende bli medlem i bloggeverden. Vi skal i denne bloggen skrive rlig om hva vi synes om Sibirkatt,dens utvikling, helse og type. Vi vil ogs publisere hydepunkter fra vrt oppdrett h...

Velkommen til min blogg!

Dette er den frste posten p min nye blogg ;)


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