We have 2 litters now. Alinas and Yarishas litter. Yarisha got 3 kittens, 2 boys and a girl and Alina got 5 kittens. 2 girls and 3 boys. Alina loves to rest in our bathroom and she delivered her kittens there. Everything looked fine on saturday evening, and I was at the bathroom to wash my hands before dinner. After dinner I went to the bathroom again to get a handcream, and I looked at Alina and the kittens. There I saw the kitten with blood all over but the kitten was eating!! The kitten was flayed!!! There I saw the red skin and the skin was not there anymore. What in the world had happend??? I yelled at Dag that he had to come to the bathroom. He called the vet right away and the vet told us to come right away. She opend the vets office on early saturday evening for the kitten. Dag and Cathrines sister jumped in the car to the vet. The vet started to sew him instantaneous without any anaesthetic. He was so young and would never survive If he got any narcosis. He was only 45 hours old!

This is what happend with the kitten. Yarisha came into the bathroom were Alina was with her kittens. They both have kittens at the same age (only 2 days between them. Yarisha tryed to take a kitten from Alina and a big catfight started. They draged the kitten each way. The poor kitten was in the middle. Alina won but the kittes was badly injured.

Cathrine is cutting the bandage. We must change It every day.

The vet gave us this bandage and It is so good. It agglutinates and the kitten will not loose It

We are looking at the wounds to see if there is any inflammation

The kitten was badly injured

The sore goes around the stomach to the leg

They are so small. To time to have this experience. He was the smallest in the litter. Only 85 gram when he was born.

He must have clean bandage every day.

It is good to have help when It comes to this kind of work


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18-Dec-2009 kl.11:36

I love this boy! He's lucky to survive after such Moms' fight.

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