We all remember when new standard were introduced in FIFe about this cats eyecolour. The FIFe standard says: ?Any colour is permitted. Regardless of coat colour. Clear eye colour is desirable.? Because of this a lot of breeders do not think about the eyecolour in their breedingprograms. I miss the old standard were judges wanted this wonderful green eyecolour. Why should we not have this stunning eye colours in Siberians. We have been breeding for type for years but we forgot to breed on the eyecolour. I had a litter with copper to brown eyecolour. Everything else were nice with this litter exept for the eyecolour. This cats can go to shows and no judge will say anything about the eyecolour on this cats. I think we should have a change in the standard by time when It comes to Incorrect eye colour. Something like ?disqualify for incorrect eye color, which is copper, gold, amber or any color other than green or clear yellow.? Maybe It is not a good idea to introduce solids into a golden program.It can maybe spoil the eye color. I have seen the same in breedingprograms with silver. Not with Siberians but with Persians. The breeds are different but maybe we have something to learn from Birman and Persian breeding? It would be nice to hear other breeders oppinion about this.

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