Kittens and envirement

It is funny with kittens. In a litter It can be born 4 kittens with a strong temper and one nervous kitten. They are all in the same envirement and one of them does not handle It at all. What can be the reasons for that? I think It can be genetic reasons. It can be in the lines. If a kitten lives with brothers and sisters and all of them loves to stay around humans but one of them hides behind the sofa. If this kitten never has been scared of, nothing bad has happen to the kitten. It is just affraid of anything. I had a litter with one nervous kitten. The other kittens played around in the whole house but this little baby only went to the toilet at night and was eating when the other cats were sleeping. We put the cat in the litterbox but nothing happend. She did not want to eat. Only when It was silent in the house. I was thinking about that. How can we sell this kitten? Cirkumpolare only want to sell strong kittens with a good temper. Not nervous kittens. We did what we could. Gave tender love and care. The kitten was with us all the time. It was hard to put all this effort in this but It worked. The cat is a little bit nervous today but not as much as before.

Some lines can give nervous kittens. No matter what we do for this kittens they will never be strong. There is no need to feel as a bad breeder because you have one nervous kitten. This happends to all of us, but we take cats out of our breedingprogram If we see that they give weak kittens. If a cat has had 2 litters and she has nervous kittens in both, there is no need to continue breeding on this line. Temperament is important. When we breed to get good typed cats with a good health, we must not forget to breed to get cats with a good temper.


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