Cats and health

Everyone says that we should be open about our cats health. I wonder why. It is nice to be open about things as long as no one uses this information in a bad way. Breeders speak so much bad about eachother and some of them uses information about health to set our bad rumours about the so called open person. There are so much jealousy in the Siberian community and I advice people to be careful when they find themselves new friends. It is easy to distroy a breeder by saying that their cats are sick. No one want sick cats. They say: "Don`t buy a cat there. They have HCM in their lines" Do they have It or not. We often belive in rumours. We don`t know If It is true or not, and don`t want to take the risk. We go to an other breeder instead and often we take the advice from the people that started the rumours.

I thinkl we should try to stop this but I know It is difficult. As long as the Siberian community accept this, things like that will go on. I often wonder If this breeders are doing this as a short way to the top. To speak bad about breeders they fear they use the short way in order to get this breeders out of the way. I still belive in hard work. To have good breedingprograms and use good cats for breeding. Have a plan for a long time in order to make the lines better.

Yesterday we had a family visiting us for testing of their allergy. They had been in contact with an other breeder that told them to be careful about our kittens. The message from this breeder was that we did not test for HCM. Wow! Are people sure about this? That we don`t test our cats? They sure got nervs to say this.

We will continue our work for the Siberian cat and our lines. We don`t speak bad about other breeders. We just don`t send people to breeders that we don`t think have good cats. Thats all.

Think with your brain and feel with your heart. This is a hobby, not a religion.

Jevdotch`ka takes all this with a good nap. People are strange and funny sometimes

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