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It is interesting to see the developing of the Siberian cat. 5 years ago we had very different cats. Now in 2008 we can see that some breeders have done a great job in developing some ofthe lines. Other lines have lost their type. We see cats with a NFO and MCO look. Not so much persian look as before but that does not mean that we don`t have persian blood inSiberian bloodlines. It is sad to see that there only is a few of the bloodlines that gives type. We need to work with the other lines to because some of the cats can be found in pedigrees of cats with a good type to. If we go in this direction we will have a limited genepool to work with in the future. Not good when we think about the health of our cats. The genetic diversity will be small. Maybe under 80 as we can see in some goldenlines. The question is what we can do about this. Breeders with stable and good cats will not use lines that gives a nonperfect type. So how can we save the lines that is so important for the breeds health? We don`t have the answer. Maybe we can look in the "good lines" and see if we have cats there that are responsable for good type. Maybe It is a good idea to let this cats be in the "bottom" of a good breedingprogram on both sides. Guelious has given cats of good type and is a so called stable line. Also some Abakanlines are stable. Our cattery workes with some unstable foundationlines. When we do a combination we always use a foundationline with a stable line. We never know what is behind foundations like Rembo and Yasha even if the cats are good. Remboline gives both good and lessgood cats but that is why It is so exiting to work with this lines. In what combination does this line give good cats and not good cats. When It comes to health we will not have this knoledge now. We have to wait some years to see how old and healthy this cats will be in the future. We have done our job in testing the cats for HCM, PKD, FIV, bloodgroup and FELv. The best thing we can do is to remove cats from breeding If they carry genetic illness. We have to remove them even If they are imports that costed us a lot of money to import. That is also why It is so important to have good contact with owners of Cirkumpolarecats.

Just my 2 cents an early monday morning.

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