Our kittenboy today

Everything is fine with our little kitten who was injured. He is smaller than the other kittens and need milk from a little bottle 6 times a day. He still eats from his mother but he would never survived without this extra food.

Today It is one week since he was injured and he is still alive!!!!

So much smaller than his siblings


We have 2 litters now. Alinas and Yarishas litter. Yarisha got 3 kittens, 2 boys and a girl and Alina got 5 kittens. 2 girls and 3 boys. Alina loves to rest in our bathroom and she delivered her kittens there. Everything looked fine on saturday evening, and I was at the bathroom to wash my hands before dinner. After dinner I went to the bathroom again to get a handcream, and I looked at Alina and the kittens. There I saw the kitten with blood all over but the kitten was eating!! The kitten was flayed!!! There I saw the red skin and the skin was not there anymore. What in the world had happend??? I yelled at Dag that he had to come to the bathroom. He called the vet right away and the vet told us to come right away. She opend the vets office on early saturday evening for the kitten. Dag and Cathrines sister jumped in the car to the vet. The vet started to sew him instantaneous without any anaesthetic. He was so young and would never survive If he got any narcosis. He was only 45 hours old!

This is what happend with the kitten. Yarisha came into the bathroom were Alina was with her kittens. They both have kittens at the same age (only 2 days between them. Yarisha tryed to take a kitten from Alina and a big catfight started. They draged the kitten each way. The poor kitten was in the middle. Alina won but the kittes was badly injured.

Cathrine is cutting the bandage. We must change It every day.

The vet gave us this bandage and It is so good. It agglutinates and the kitten will not loose It

We are looking at the wounds to see if there is any inflammation

The kitten was badly injured

The sore goes around the stomach to the leg

They are so small. To time to have this experience. He was the smallest in the litter. Only 85 gram when he was born.

He must have clean bandage every day.

It is good to have help when It comes to this kind of work


Catshow 8-9 november. FIFeshow.

NORAK was the club were the catshow was this weekend. The only cat we had with us was Ceriy. We usually don`t have the time to go on catshows that often and this weekend the whole family was there. Husband, wife and 4 children. Our good friends Tove and Alf showed (N)Cirkumpolare Epikhariia and she became Champion on saturday. On sunday she got her first CACIB (first certification to International Champion) We are so proud of her. Ceriy got his 2 CAGCIB this weekend and we hope that he is Grand International Champion soon. He also got BIV (Best in Variant) and was nominated. He is a good and strong cat with a wonderful temper.




Ceriy on the judges table

The judge Eivor Anderson from Sweden says he is one of the best Siberians she have seen.He is strong, heavy buildt with a very good type and his temper is fantastic.


He is so heavy and the judge takes her time.


Ceriy became BIV. Best in variant.

Nomination. We are waiting and there are 2 beautyful NFO in the nomination to
We won!!!!!!

We are so proud of our boy Ceriy. He was the judges best cat.

At the hotel. Our good friends Tove and Alf with Ceriy. They are owned by (N)Cirkumpolare Epikhariia.

Saturday evening at the hotelroom

Alf and Tove with their dauther Ingeborg on the right side behind them. Our dauther Therese on the left side.

Dag, Cathrine and the boys.

Tove and Epikhariia

Epikhariia on the judges table with BIIIG eyes. What is she looking at?

(N)Cirkumpolare Epikhariia. Became Champion on saturday and got her first CACIB on sunday.


Dag with Micke from the Swedish cattery S*Stimics.

More pictures from the show will come on www.terak.info

Flere bilder og tekst p Norsk kommer p TERAK sine sider.


We all remember when new standard were introduced in FIFe about this cats eyecolour. The FIFe standard says: ?Any colour is permitted. Regardless of coat colour. Clear eye colour is desirable.? Because of this a lot of breeders do not think about the eyecolour in their breedingprograms. I miss the old standard were judges wanted this wonderful green eyecolour. Why should we not have this stunning eye colours in Siberians. We have been breeding for type for years but we forgot to breed on the eyecolour. I had a litter with copper to brown eyecolour. Everything else were nice with this litter exept for the eyecolour. This cats can go to shows and no judge will say anything about the eyecolour on this cats. I think we should have a change in the standard by time when It comes to Incorrect eye colour. Something like ?disqualify for incorrect eye color, which is copper, gold, amber or any color other than green or clear yellow.? Maybe It is not a good idea to introduce solids into a golden program.It can maybe spoil the eye color. I have seen the same in breedingprograms with silver. Not with Siberians but with Persians. The breeds are different but maybe we have something to learn from Birman and Persian breeding? It would be nice to hear other breeders oppinion about this.

Kittens and envirement

It is funny with kittens. In a litter It can be born 4 kittens with a strong temper and one nervous kitten. They are all in the same envirement and one of them does not handle It at all. What can be the reasons for that? I think It can be genetic reasons. It can be in the lines. If a kitten lives with brothers and sisters and all of them loves to stay around humans but one of them hides behind the sofa. If this kitten never has been scared of, nothing bad has happen to the kitten. It is just affraid of anything. I had a litter with one nervous kitten. The other kittens played around in the whole house but this little baby only went to the toilet at night and was eating when the other cats were sleeping. We put the cat in the litterbox but nothing happend. She did not want to eat. Only when It was silent in the house. I was thinking about that. How can we sell this kitten? Cirkumpolare only want to sell strong kittens with a good temper. Not nervous kittens. We did what we could. Gave tender love and care. The kitten was with us all the time. It was hard to put all this effort in this but It worked. The cat is a little bit nervous today but not as much as before.

Some lines can give nervous kittens. No matter what we do for this kittens they will never be strong. There is no need to feel as a bad breeder because you have one nervous kitten. This happends to all of us, but we take cats out of our breedingprogram If we see that they give weak kittens. If a cat has had 2 litters and she has nervous kittens in both, there is no need to continue breeding on this line. Temperament is important. When we breed to get good typed cats with a good health, we must not forget to breed to get cats with a good temper.


HCM. Why do you test?

I wonder about one thing. Do all breeders know what HCM is? Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common form of heart disease in the cat. In many breeds it is an inherited disease. However, it should be noted that in human beings with the same disease, there are many different genetic mutations (2-300. Same number in cats)which can cause this disease. It is likely the same in the cat but additional mutations have not yet been defined.

Very importantly, the absence of the mutation in a cat, DOES NOT mean that it will never develop the disease. It means that it does not have the only known mutation that can cause the disease in the cat at this time. In the future, additional mutations may be identified that may be tested for as well.

The most common types of heart disease found in cats are dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). DCM is associated with taurine deficiency in cats, while the cause of HCM in cats is genetic or has an unknown etiology. The presentations of these two diseases are easily distinguished by ultrasonic and ECG examinations. Both diseases are progressive but only DCM can be corrected by dietary supplementation. Heart murmurs are also common in cats, but of different severities. Although a murmur is indicative of a heart abnormality, they do not indicate the exact type of the heart problem. Most congenital murmurs resolve by the age of X weeks and are generally no more severe than a Grade Y murmur. (Murmurs rank from Grade to Grade 3 being the most severe). Thus, persistent and severe murmurs generally do indicate a heart abnormality.

Researchers have studied both DCM and HCM in cats for many years. HCM has been proven to be inherited as an autosomal dominant, single gene in Maine Coon cats. But, this DOES NOT mean that all murmurs indicate HCM in cats and DOES NOT indicate that HCM found in other breeds is the same genes as found in Maine Coons. The genes could be different in different breeds. Since the genes could be different, there may be more than one gene in a particular breed that causes HCM, and the inheritance pattern may be different. If a gene is found for one breed, it would have to be tested in the other breeds that have heart abnormalities.

I wonder why breeders test their cats. Is It because of the test itself or becauseother test their cats? Or maybe to avoid rumuous? The Siberian community are full of people that spread rumours about other breeders. I think many breeders test their cats because of this.They test because they wan`t to publish their HCM results on their websites. This is away to stop rumuors. We loose the focus of the problem. To stop HCM to develop in our lines. The focus is to save the cattery from people that speaks nasty things about them.

We test our cats but we don`t publish the results on our website. The results are not for everybody to read. Only for us because we don`tuse sick cats in our breedingprogram. People that doesnot trust us can go to other breeders and buy a Siberian. Trust is important for the kittenbuyerand for the breeder. When someone buys a cata breeder need to be there for 12-15-20 years If thenew owner needs advice.People need to trust us foras long as the cat is alive. If we start with no trust we can not work together for the benefit of the Siberian cat.An other thing is if the trust is broken. That is why we plan our breeding programs and puts all our effort in breeding good Siberians. There are breederswho says that Cirkumpolare does not test their cats. That is not true. The results are not for everyone to see. I don`t publish my bloodtests on my website. That is private and between me and my docktor.Breeders are affraid of each other. Breeders don`t trust other breeders because everyone knows how It feels when someone goes behind their back.

We refuse to go in that direction. We do what WE feel is the best for our cattery. We wan`t people for our catswho trust us. People who have seen what we have done for the Siberian Cat. People who see what results we have, breeding Siberiansfor this years.

It will be exiting tosee in about 5-10 years who is still around breeding Siberians. I belive in hard work, not short cuts.If we do bad combinations we will have to pay for that for many years in order to getIt out from our lines. It is not easy to breed quality Siberians when almot all lines in the world are unstable.

If you breed Siberians or other cats, don`t belive in gossip.It takes years to learn to breed cats and even then we learn new things all the time. See whatkind of results the breeder have. Look at the cats and type. Look at litters. Study the lines and see what the lines give. Visit the breeder and see how the cats live.

To test the cats are important. Don`t missunderstand me. I just askwhy you test.


Healthy cats are wonderful and playful cats.



Cats and health

Everyone says that we should be open about our cats health. I wonder why. It is nice to be open about things as long as no one uses this information in a bad way. Breeders speak so much bad about eachother and some of them uses information about health to set our bad rumours about the so called open person. There are so much jealousy in the Siberian community and I advice people to be careful when they find themselves new friends. It is easy to distroy a breeder by saying that their cats are sick. No one want sick cats. They say: "Don`t buy a cat there. They have HCM in their lines" Do they have It or not. We often belive in rumours. We don`t know If It is true or not, and don`t want to take the risk. We go to an other breeder instead and often we take the advice from the people that started the rumours.

I thinkl we should try to stop this but I know It is difficult. As long as the Siberian community accept this, things like that will go on. I often wonder If this breeders are doing this as a short way to the top. To speak bad about breeders they fear they use the short way in order to get this breeders out of the way. I still belive in hard work. To have good breedingprograms and use good cats for breeding. Have a plan for a long time in order to make the lines better.

Yesterday we had a family visiting us for testing of their allergy. They had been in contact with an other breeder that told them to be careful about our kittens. The message from this breeder was that we did not test for HCM. Wow! Are people sure about this? That we don`t test our cats? They sure got nervs to say this.

We will continue our work for the Siberian cat and our lines. We don`t speak bad about other breeders. We just don`t send people to breeders that we don`t think have good cats. Thats all.

Think with your brain and feel with your heart. This is a hobby, not a religion.

Jevdotch`ka takes all this with a good nap. People are strange and funny sometimes

About the type

It is interesting to see the developing of the Siberian cat. 5 years ago we had very different cats. Now in 2008 we can see that some breeders have done a great job in developing some ofthe lines. Other lines have lost their type. We see cats with a NFO and MCO look. Not so much persian look as before but that does not mean that we don`t have persian blood inSiberian bloodlines. It is sad to see that there only is a few of the bloodlines that gives type. We need to work with the other lines to because some of the cats can be found in pedigrees of cats with a good type to. If we go in this direction we will have a limited genepool to work with in the future. Not good when we think about the health of our cats. The genetic diversity will be small. Maybe under 80 as we can see in some goldenlines. The question is what we can do about this. Breeders with stable and good cats will not use lines that gives a nonperfect type. So how can we save the lines that is so important for the breeds health? We don`t have the answer. Maybe we can look in the "good lines" and see if we have cats there that are responsable for good type. Maybe It is a good idea to let this cats be in the "bottom" of a good breedingprogram on both sides. Guelious has given cats of good type and is a so called stable line. Also some Abakanlines are stable. Our cattery workes with some unstable foundationlines. When we do a combination we always use a foundationline with a stable line. We never know what is behind foundations like Rembo and Yasha even if the cats are good. Remboline gives both good and lessgood cats but that is why It is so exiting to work with this lines. In what combination does this line give good cats and not good cats. When It comes to health we will not have this knoledge now. We have to wait some years to see how old and healthy this cats will be in the future. We have done our job in testing the cats for HCM, PKD, FIV, bloodgroup and FELv. The best thing we can do is to remove cats from breeding If they carry genetic illness. We have to remove them even If they are imports that costed us a lot of money to import. That is also why It is so important to have good contact with owners of Cirkumpolarecats.

Just my 2 cents an early monday morning.


Veldig spennende bli medlem i bloggeverden. Vi skal i denne bloggen skrive rlig om hva vi synes om Sibirkatt,dens utvikling, helse og type. Vi vil ogs publisere hydepunkter fra vrt oppdrett her. Familien Kristiansen har n flyttet inn i nytt hus. Ungene gr fortsatt p samme skole s vi har ikke flyttet s langt. 15 minutter fra vr gamle bolig. Kattene stortrives i det nye huset. Kattegrden vil oppgraderes og utvides slik at den blir strre og tilbyr kattene mer natur. Vi har planene klare og vil legge ut bilder nr den er ferdig.


her kommer noen bilder av pusekatter i stuevinduet i nyhuset


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